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Preventing Mold in Your Bordentown, NJ Basement Home

2/8/2020 (Permalink)

If there's one area in a Bordentown NJ  house more likely to develop mold than any other place, it's the basement.  Most basements immediately have all the elements mold needs to thrive: cool, damp, dark places without airflow where the mold can potentially grow for weeks - or months - without being spotted.

Of course, a mold infestation can do significant damage to a home, and involve costly cleanup.  In worst case situations, the mold may be of a type to trigger allergies in people, such as the toxic black mold.  This is a situation where prevention is called for, and we have some professional tips.

How To Keep Mold Out Of Your Bordentown NJ  Basement:

1 - Be watchful

Don't neglect your basement.  Make sure to go down and have a look around at least once a month, with an eye towards the corners and out-of-the-way areas where people might not normally go.  Caught early, a mold infestation is easier to contain.

2 - Dehumidify your basement

It's easy for basements to trap a lot of moisture, and that directly contributes to mold breeding grounds.  Think about getting a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels - anything above 45% is conducive to mold.  If you see those levels regularly, a dehumidifier is an inexpensive way to reduce the chances of outbreak.

Exhaust fans can also help reduce humidity.

3 - Reduce clutter

How well organized is your basement?  In general, the messier a basement is, the more opportunities mold has to start growing.  An orderly basement where everything is on a shelf, and little or nothing is directly on the floor, is much less likely to develop mold.

4 - Keep wood, cardboard, paper, and similar products off the floor

If nothing else, never store soft organic products - like anything derived from trees - directly on the ground in your basement.  These are a buffet for mold, giving them plenty of food along with all the other ideal conditions.

5 -Always clean up spills and leaks immediately

Standing water, along with water soaked into objects or walls, makes for a mold breeding ground.  If you ever have a leak, it should be cleaned ASAP.  

Have Basement Mold In Your Bordentown, NJ Home?  We Can Help!

SERVPRO of Bordentown / Pemberton are your experts in mold remediation and cleanup.  Don't risk long-lasting damage to your home; call in the pros to clean your basement properly!

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